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Mirage Screens

Mirage Retractable Screen Doors offer homeowners a great approach to traditional screen doors. Like hinged screen doors, Mirage screen doors allow fresh air to circulate into the home. But Mirage Retractable Screen doors do that without all the banging, slamming, and in-the-way hassles of a traditional hinged screen door. Mirage's full-view screen fully retracts when not in use to avoid getting in the way.

It's there when you need it and out of sight when you don't.

The Mirage Retractable Screen Door can be used in place of almost any traditional or sliding screen door; it's ideal for exterior single or double swinging doors, French doors, and sliding patio doors.

The Mirage 1750 Retractable Screen Doors


Single Entry

Enjoy your indoor and outdoor spaces with a seamless and smooth screen door system designed to fit all single-door entry ways.


Sliding Doors

Your screening solution for your sliding doors around your home.

French & Double

For French and double doors, our screen doors have a magnetic system that allows them to fit together seamlessly and open easily.

The Mirage 3500
Large Opening Retractable Screen Doors

Designed for Large Openings With Quality Materials

Enjoy the view without obstructions with the Mirage 3500 Large Opening Retractable Screen Doors that’s designed for wide-span coverage. Our custom large opening screen is the perfect solution to extend your living area and complement your bi-fold and multi-panel sliding doors.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All screen components, excluding the mesh, have a lifetime warranty from manufacturer defects.

Smooth Running

Our guide design, along with Teflon-infused plastics, creates the smoothest-riding screen in the industry.

Spans to 14ft Wide

The 3500 reaches up to 14 feet wide and 10 feet tall or 28 feet wide in a double configuration.

Retained Mesh

This product is designed with mesh that is secured in the bottom and top tracks. This prevents mesh “blow-out” and ensures pets stay in your home.


The Mirage 4800
Motorized Retractable Screen Doors

Custom Screens Made for Any Opening

Entertain your friends and family in your outdoor oasis created by our motorized retractable screens built to extend your living area. From patio enclosures to garage door screens, our custom motorized screen is the perfect addition to your home.

Our motorized retractable screens fit openings up to 22 feet wide and 16 feet tall.

Outdoor Living Spaces

A retractable screen for the porch provides a comfortable and sheltered outdoor space, protecting you from bugs and allowing you to enjoy the beauty outside.


Patio Enclosures

Enhance your outdoor living area with added privacy with retractable screens for patios. Their durable and customizable design ensures a perfect fit for any space.



Garage Door Screens

Turn your space into a home office or gym with a retractable screen door for your garage. Achieve the ultimate comfort and functionality of your space with roll-up screens for garage doors.

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